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Costa Rica Luxury Eco Lodge, Ecolirios Boutique Hotel & Spa

The Ecolirios Luxury Eco-Lodge philosophy is that your stay is sensorial. Make your stay a time to experience the colors, flavors, sights, sounds, and textures with your five senses surrounded by mountains, rivers, volcanoes, rainforests and the friendly Costa Rican hospitality Expect this and more while staying in our Costa Rica luxury Eco Lodge.

Ecolirios Boutique and Spa thought of it all when it comes to escaping the fast life and allowing nature and its serenity to take over your heart, body, and soul. Thanks to its privileged location, this boutique eco-luxury property means your stay will be an experience in itself. Just to stay in a rainforest reserve is magnificent.

Ecolirios can be found on the lower slopes of Costa Rica’s central mountain range and backbone, enveloped with lush rainforest and natural wonders. This is the Caribbean heartland in all its virgin beauty and you are invited to live this unique experience

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Jungle Suite

Immerse yourself in the peace and intimacy of the forest, with the comforts of a Suite.


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Jungle Premium Suite

The perfect Suite to enjoy in a healthy environment and unique setting with family or friends.

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About Us

Ecolirios is its owners dream come true. Natives of the Costa Rica Caribbean and their desire to share the beauty, peace and energy of this place through the 5+1 Sensorial philosophy. The local talent of our team will do their very best to create an unforgettable experience.

Experience Costa Rica’s Rainforest at Its Best

Founded by a local family, this is a dream come true for them as it comes from the heart and the generosity of wanting to share this special part of the world with others. When a business is born from love and respect for nature, beautiful is guaranteed and this is Ecolirios! All suites are immersed in the rainforest reserve that makes up this property and the interior design was inspired by the textures and colors of the surrounding landscapes. Volcanos, mountains, lowlands, rainforest, the coastline in the distance and the peaceful Costa Rican spirit were all inspirations in the creation of this paradise and every space it offers to its guests.

The Perfect Destination for an Exotic Costa Rica Honeymoon

From the floor to roof windows in the superbly designed suites that look out into the rainforest, to the farm to table gastronomical delights, to the organic inspired spa, the attention to detail is exquisite and welcoming.

Conveniently located just a few hours from San Jose and the Caribbean Coast, Ecolirios offers its guests an alternative Costa Rican experience. Get off the beaten track and live the rural adventure in luxury. This gives you the opportunity to sense and live nature from a new perspective.


Delightful Dining Experience

The property boasts beautiful gardens that you can walk through while inhaling the fresh, mountain air. You will also be treated to the amazing rainforest which means you are ensured lots of lushness while you wander through the abundant forest which is home to many animals and birds.

After a day of fresh air and exciting new adventures, taste the flavors of Costa Rica at the restaurant that is the perfect way to start and end your Costa Rican immersion. Fresh produce from the farm to your table with the creative mastery of the Ecolirios chefs. The fusion of flavors and freshness are signature Costa Rican staple ingredients and you will savor every last morsel! A culinary experience at its best!

Perfect romantic getaway

If you are looking for perfection to pop the question to your loved one or celebrate a life’s milestone with your partner, Ecolirios will help you make it memorable.  And let`s talk about an unforgettable honeymoon escape too! 

Ecolirios is the epitome of Costa Rica with nature, adventure, eco-luxury peacefulness and authenticity wrapped up into one place to create unforgettable and unique times with friends and family.

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